How to make the world a better place in 3 steps using beacons

facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail – Linteri beacon partner – today announced a new, bold and important initiative. In „Beacons for Good” programme, they decided to support charities and nonprofits seeking to use the potential of iBeacons in their daily activities.

And the potential is huge.

Think about all the entities supporting visually-impaired people with modern technology, augmenting their senses and offering them new kinds of experiences. Companies like BlindSquare or Wayfindr already provide the software to do this. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. always took the case of visually impaired people very seriously – after all one of the founders is visually impaired and this was one of the reasons the company was founded! Right now, with the „Beacons for Good” initiative, they are offering 100 beacons for free for those charities and nonprofits willing to make the use of beacons and proximity technologies to change the world around us for better.

How to apply? The process is simple:

  1. Register your idea for using beacons in your nonprofit/charity organization
  2. Once perquarter, the judges vote on the best ideas
  3. You receive 100 beacons if your idea will be chosen

Linteri is happy to announce support for this initiative. For each of the selected charities, we will offer a completely free license for Linteri Proximity Platform worth almost $1200/year! This will mean that selected charities will receive a complete proximity platform with Analytics, Communication and Administration features built-in. This should significantly decrease their time-to-market required to introduce their uses of proximity technologies.

We will also inform our customers about the benefits of sharing their beacon infrastructure with other nonprofits and charities to do good things and make this world a better place using technology.

If you are interested in receiving more information about „Beacons for Good” by or our initiative, please contact us at or visit  


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