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SmartUni, a mobile app from University of Lodz and Linteri won the 2nd prize in the prestigious EUPRIO contest for the most innovative projects focused on student communication in Europe.

EUPRIO Awards (European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers) are granted annually to the most innovative and outstanding projects in field of student communication, especially by engaging in social media. Among 15 European universities, the 1st prize went to University of Loughborough (GB), whereas University of Lodz (Poland) and University of Vrije (Belgium) won the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

The awarded SmartUni project integrates the most important information about studying at UL in a clear and easy-to-use way. It’s a part of the university’s program to make living and studying in Lodz easier for international students. Using mobile solutions supported with innovative beacon technology made it possible to offer students local and contextual hints in their native languages.

Placing 150 beacons – that is Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters – in tens of buildings and dorms around campus helped e.g. in building a local navigation service inside the Faculty of Linguistics building. Thanks to that, students walking by the dean’s office will get the information on what kind of formalities can be completed there or will be navigated to a specific classroom. What’s more, SmartUni provides the latest news on the university’s life – website, Facebook, Vkontakte and Flickr updates appear automatically on the app. SmartUni also makes use of unique smartphone functionalities such as quick content sharing within social media and accessing contents offline.

We are aware of how important it is to communicate with students using their own channels. The research we carried out showed clearly that smartphone and mobile app are the best medium. However, the mobile app itself is not enough – it is the content and how it’s delivered and integrated with the local area that decide if it’s going to be useful for current students, but also if it will contribute to promoting the university and our city among international students in future

– says Liliana Lato, Manager of International Cooperation Bureau of UL – the department responsible for implementing the project.

EUPRIO jury appreciated the incredible popularity of the app and how engaging it was for students. Soon after the launch, the app was downloaded by more than 80% of international students, who in the first two months shared information about the university with their friends and family on Facebook, VKontakte, and QQ Zone more than 40 000 times. The app is available in 4 language versions, including Russian and Chinese. Beacons where placed in 38 buildings – all faculty seats and dorms.

Mobile beacon-based apps are commonly called the technology of the future, but the example of SmartUni with its rapidly gained popularity among students and credits from the jury not only shows that we are ready for these innovations just now, but also proves their incredible usability and practicality. Personally, I’m really happy that UL, which is my alma mater, is one of the first users of our Linteri platform

– says Łukasz Felsztukier, the CEO of Linteri, which delivered the SmartUni system and implemented the proximity-based platform. Beacons for UL were delivered by – Linteri’s partner in the field of proximity hardware.

The SmartUni app is co-funded by the European Union under the European Social Fund.

About Linteri:
Linteri is an innovative Polish startup providing mobile solutions in the field of Internet of things (Internet of Things) and proximity technologies. Linteri’s custom platform enables managing analytics and communication for proximity systems of any size. The platform includes advanced segmentation and targeting tools enabling its users to conduct personalized communications with their customers based on their behavior in the physical world.

About helps build the world’s best proximity solutions. Our platform puts the real world in contact with the Internet of Things by connecting devices with proximity awareness to the cloud. goes beyond beacons to do this, and has a full suite of innovative technology, starting with Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and moving on with a variety of other hardware and software technologies, and we make it simple for any business or serious hobbyist to create the Bluetooth application or business of their dreams.

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