Analytics, campaigns,
navigation and management
of your Beacons

Beacons is a technology that provides tools for physical retail
available so far only for e-commerce.


This is really going to disrupt everything
- Tim O'Reilly

What are the benefits of beacons and Linteri platform application?

The dynamic development of e-commerce comes not only from the convenience with which we can make online purchases. It is also thanks to the vast quantity of data that is left after each visit.

Thanks to the numerous analytical tools, these data allow marketers to classify customers, personalize the offers and use remarketing techniques.

Until now, most of these tools was beyond the reach of physical retailers. We are presenting a solution that will change it.

Beacons support physical retail

Offer your customers a whole new shopping experience.
Beacons give the physical context of interactions. See in which areas one can apply them.

Online + Offline

Beacons allow you to combine data from digital channels and the real world.

  • Integration with CRM
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile POS
  • Multi-channel sales
  • Online/offline remarketing


Ability to obtain unique behavioral data.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Integration with data warehouse
  • Behavioral classification
  • Location analysis

Loyalty increase

Turn casual customers in satisfied and returning ones.

  • media personalization
  • boosting the purchasing intentions
  • unique shopping experience

understanding needs and behavior

increasing the efficiency and involvment of consumers

Discovering products and services

Offer your customers a new shopping experience.

  • gamification
  • shopping assistant
  • discovering products and services
  • loyalty increase
  • commitment (micro interactions)


With analytics and classification we learn customer preferences.

  • discover customer habits
  • conversion path
  • customer's opinions and behavior
  • activity study
  • improving customer service


With contextual, local events you can increase the average value of purchases.

  • higher value of shopping cart
  • improving customer service
  • increase number of visits
  • attract customers to PoS

Maturity of the technology

With Bluetooth Smart technology and beacons it is possible to offer customers contextual, hyperlocal information in the place where they currently are.

Through deep integration with all operating systems of smartphones available today, it is possible to offer consumers purchasing experience so far known only from online purchases.


beacons will be used commercially in 2015 in the US, 3m used in retail.


Using beacons to promote leads to 19 times higher purchasing intent and 16 times higher frequency of using application that uses beacons.


Using store application increases up to 20% the number of people who actually buy in the store.


With so much network Macy's has increased the average value of the shopping cart in stores using the online/offline analytics and beacons.

Linteri Platform

  • Showcase
  • Showcase
  • Showcase

Linteri platform allows for a better understanding of your customers and their behavior in the physical world. With the supplied tools, you know their behavior patterns, frequency of visits and also paths they are taking on your premises. You will also learn what types of products your customers are interested in.


Gathered knowledge and customer classification can lead to their personalized communication: adapted to their interests and buying patterns. You can emit hyperlocal messages, tips, information and define their goals - physical locations measuring the effectiveness of the messages.


Beacons placed in the physical space not only allow you to broadcast messages and measure customer behavior. They can also be used as indoor navigation that guides the customer and indicates pathways leading to products and services. Use them to provide unique, comfortable and pleasant shopping experience.

Infrastructure management

Linteri platform offers intuitive tools to control your proximity infrastructure, to administrate plans of the premises, defining zones and access permissions of all users in the system. All these activities can be done through your web browser.

App commerce

Using store application leads to up to 20% increase of people who buy in the store

Business intelligence

Collect and analyze data about customer preferences based on the best source - their behavior

Purchasing intention

Replace stimulated purchasing intention into transaction by communicating with customer

Mobile payments

Build self-checkout solutions and offer customers the opportunity to purchase via application

Mobile POS

Turn your mobile application into point of sale - beacons will give it a local character


Reward customers by using the possibilities that offers a combination of application and beacons

Location analysis

Analyze and judge the performance of your premises in terms of customers behavior and preferences


Include in your CRM behavioral data derived directly from the interactions between customers and products

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Who already uses?

Retail chains

Local and context offers, customer behavior analysis.


Navigation on the platforms, information about timetables.


Guides applications with navigation to gates.

Shopping center

Local and context offers, navigation in the shop.


Dorms and faculties guides, hyperlocal tips.


Participants localization, large areas guides.

Sport facilities

Increasing the involvement of supporters through gamification.


Hyperlocal, contextual guides for museum exhibitions.

Linteri team

Łukasz Felsztukier

Łukasz Felsztukier

Founder & CEO

Co-founder and Linteri CEO. Co-founder of Digital One - one of the first Polish interactive agencies. Responsible for introducing on the market and developing iTaxi - taxi order system in peer-to-peer model.

Artur Urbański

Artur Urbański

Strategy Advisor

Co-founder of He co-founded the first Polish internet bank - mBank and portal with system sales and customer service. Specialist in strategy creation and User Experience of huge transaction systems and self-service platforms.

Maciej Jerzy Szymański

Maciej Jerzy Szymański

Investor, Retail Advisor

Linteri investor. Formerly he served as chairman of the board and as general director of NFI EM, the president of Sephora Greater China in Shanghai and member of the board of Sephora Asia in Singapore.


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